Preseason Training Begins

Everyone and anyone is welcome to come down and train even if they have no desire to play Sunday league football.

As the season begins, so we start our Winter Training setup. So from Wednesday the 8th of September training will be at William Hulme Grammar in Whalley Range, please see the details below. Winter training is going to take place at Hough End due to our block booking expiring with William Hulme Grammar School. We are going to resume training here again in early September. This is also a fantastic opportunity for those who feel they have not been given a chance on the filed to prove to the management team that they should be in their thoughts when picking the winning team. It is also a superb chance to see new players in action and an opportunity for them to impress their new colleagues. Training Facility Image More importantly it is a chance for us all to get some fitness into our weekly routine and this is not just limited to Sporting Barum players. Please invite any family or friends who are looking to get out of the house and do some exercise.

Sporting Barum Training

The training is being structured to improve key skills as well as our fitness levels. We will be doing a combination of basic fitness work along with drills and training sessions to improve the following;

  • Playing as a team with awareness as to what our role is within that team
  • Building a team that are used to playing together and effectively communicating
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Heading
  • Set-Pieces (to include corners, throwings, goal kicks)
  • D.T.T (Developing Technique and Touch)
  • Fitness levels, Through a combination of interval training, strength training and circuit sessions

Training is also a great opportunity for people to break into the team, this is your chance to prove that you deserve a place in the starting 11. We are trying to build a core squad and commitment at all levels is needed not just on match days so participation will help the guys who select the team. We have a page about seasons too.

Attendance Recording

Big thanks again for the numbers that have turned up for the training sessions. With the more numbers turning up the competition for places heats up, so lets keep encouraging this.

Times: Thursday 19.00pm - 21.00pm. Sunday 13.00pm - 15.00pm (If No Friendly).
Date: From Thursday 21st of July.
Cost: £1 per session.