Sporting Barum Move Closer to Full Squad

Out of Action Unfortunately it is really bad news on the injury front. Last month Mark Watson confirmed that he was out probably indefinitely as his ligaments damage proving worse than first suspected. Recently we have had really bad news on Paul Brackleys season. He says: SportingBarumTeam " I got the results from my MRI scan yesterday and it turns out I have ruptured my ACL and will most likely need an operation. So it looks like my season is over. Oh well, can't complain at a game and a half! Will try and come down for as many games as I can. Cheers Paul "

This is a massive blow especially as he just joined the team and featured in the first two games of the season before having to be replaced Though the list is short there are a few serious injuries here and we wish them all the best and hope for a speedy return to action:

Paul Brackley - Torn knee cartilage, Out for the Season.
Will Halsall - Ankle injury, Unknown
Mark Watson - Ruptured ankle ligaments, Out Indefinitely.

Sporting Barum Signs up New Players for the new season

We would like to welcome the following new players to the team:

Paul Brackley
Chris Granger
Will Halsall
Will Lloyd
Kopul 'Kops' Rahman
John Ross-Jones
Jack Wastell
Sergiej Molohov
Dan Lee
James Coe

Anyone looking to improve their fitness and who are not looking to play Sunday League are more than welcome to come along to training sessions.


Scott Fitzgerald

Mark Watson

Jack Wastell



Fran Hodnett

Dan Cochlin

Phil Weller

Gareth Brown

Colin Frontczak

Dan Newton

Abinand Rajkumar

Hamid Ravansari

Paul Brackley

Will Lloyd

Dan Lee


John Patterson

Navid Karagah

Steve Byrne

Will Newton

Alex Mather

Rachid Otsmane

Siergej Molohov


Paul Mackay

Kane Pryde

John Williams

Chris Snow

John Ross-Jones

Greg Snow

Kopul Rahman

Will Halsall