Club Information

Chairman: Fran Hodnett Secretary: John 'Paddy' Patterson Treasurer: John Williams Manager: Fran Hodnett Coach: Kane Pryde Captain: Fran Hodnett Vice Captain: John 'Paddy' Patterson

Everyone and anyone is welcome to come down and train even if they have no desire to play Sunday league football. Please contact the Coaches, Kane Pryde and John 'Paddy' Patterson if you have any queries on the following information:

Coaches: Kane Pryde John 'Paddy' Patterson

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If you need to contact any of members of the squad you can enquire about their information please get in contact through one of the contact details below.

Manager: Fran Hodnett
Coaches: Kane Pryde John 'Paddy' Patterson

Player Registration

Please get in contact with Fran who has the registration forms to hand. We are only entitled to 25 registered players in the squad so make sure that you sign up quick. club-meeting Alternatively you could download this form and print off two copies and fill them out. In order for this form to be filled out the individual must agree to the Sporting Barum Club Rules and the expected Code of Conduct for the league as well as paying the assigned signing on fee.

Please remember to provide two passport size photographs when submitting your form.